Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chase's Favorite Sport Is ...

... running away from a camera!

A few days ago, I tried to take some pictures of Chase with our new kitty, Tipper. I did my best to get Chase to relax and stay calm by sitting beside him, petting him, scratching his chin, rubbing his ears -- doing things he adores -- all while giving him lots of TILLMAN'S TREATS. (Chase *LOVES* TILLMAN'S TREATS by NATURAL BALANCE -- he won a case of them during a recent contest through our dear friend @CokieTheCat from TWITTER. Tipper loves them, too, but I have to feed him just a tiny piece at a time.)

When everything was perfect, I reached for the camera and turned it on while continuing to distract Chase with lovin' and treats. The instant he saw the camera in my hands, he bolted and the only non-blurry picture I was able to get was this one -- of his left hind leg!

Running away from the camera, sadly, has been Chase's only sport until very recently. Tipper joined us about ten days ago and since then the 12-pound cat manages to get the 120-pound Great Dane to engage in playful romps around the house several times a day. I'm hoping during one of those fun times Chase will be distracted enough so he won't notice a camera.



Saturday, February 4, 2012

Announcing ...

... an addition to the household -- TIPPER!!!

Chase was going to introduce him but he's camera shy ... actually, he's PETRIFIED of the camera (and anything held up and pointed at him). After working with him and posing him for about fifteen minutes, I only managed to get a photo of his left hind leg as he dashed away in terror (of the camera, not the cat).

Ignore the messy house ... I do! =;-) ROFL!!!!

I'll post more about TIPPER over the weekend but I wanted to announce this addition to the household and post some pictures of the cute meowser right away.

ENJOY!!! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and festive weekend! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...